Let’s tackle the elephant in the room about vaping head-on. The reality is that the safest type of smoking is none at all. If you haven’t started the habit yet, just say no. But if you’re a cigarette smoker looking to quit, vaping is a much healthier alternative.

The dangers of tobacco smoke are widely known and have been a part of our culture for decades. Research shows that tobacco cigarettes are packed with harmful ingredients, chemicals that cause deadly diseases, and cancer-causing carcinogens. These dangers don’t stop at the source but instead extend to anyone breathing the air long after the smoker has left the space.

With that said, vaping isn’t completely healthy. You’re breathing in e-juice, and you’re only supposed to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Anything else going into and out of your lungs isn’t natural and can cause unwanted side effects.

Yet, if you’re looking for a way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and can’t seem to shake the habit, vapes are a smart alternative. Here, we’ll summarize the basic facts you need to know about these popular pens.

Vaping Is Better for Your Body

Smoking tobacco has led to millions of deaths over the decades; many of these were innocent bystanders breathing in the toxic chemicals. Although vaping, as we mentioned, isn’t completely healthy, it’s much safer than tobacco cigarettes, and you aren’t killing your loved ones by inhaling your e-juice.

Vaping mimics the actions and behaviours of a cigarette. The user inhales the vapour (not smoke), brings it into the lungs, and exhales the remnants. Unlike cigarette smoke, vapour does not burn, so it doesn’t contain dangerous carcinogens and other chemicals.

For this same reason, vaping is also better for the environment. In addition to the reduced pollution, vapers aren’t known to go around dropping their pens on the ground or flicking them out the car window, like cigarette smokers frequently do.

Vaping is Cost-Effective Compared to Cigarettes

The cost of a pack of cigarettes continues to rise as the government adds higher tobacco excise taxes. Although the taxes are meant to deter people from smoking, for those addicted, it just becomes part of the weekly budget.

If you’re going to spend money on this type of habit, it’s more cost-effective to switch to vaping. Packs of 20 cigarettes can cost you over $30, while a 2000-puff vape pen at reputable dealers like OziGet.com is significantly less than that.

Vape Ingredients Are Mostly Natural

When you read the ingredients on a pack of cigarettes, you see things like acetone, ammonia, arsenic, and tar. These are all ingredients we’d never willingly put in our mouths individually, yet smokers regularly inhale them.

Vape juices have a handful of ingredients in them. The dominant ingredients are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), water-based solutions necessary to create the vapour. Additionally, the juice will have flavours and cooling agents. There isn’t any deadly chemical slid into the ingredients list. However, if you choose nicotine-based vapes, they can be addictive.

Electronic cigarettes create a habit that you must be mindful of to ensure you control the vape, and it doesn’t control you. Because of this, and the fact that nicotine impacts the brain’s neural pathways, vaping is only legal for those over 18. 

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