Whether you’ve heard about the incredible line of iGet products or you’re already hooked, there are a lot of ways to buy these vapes. The iGet brand is full of top-quality pens, delicious flavours, and accessory kits, like the iGet Goat. So how do you know what to buy when there are so many options to choose from?

No matter which way you go, iGet never disappoints. Try the Bar, King, Legend, or Goat, and you’ll have an enjoyable vaping experience. But the Goat is one of the most popular in the iGet line, with incredible flavours and sleekly designed pens created to be the Greatest of All Time.

This disposable vape pen has 13.0 mL of e-liquid to give you up to 5000 puffs. The durable 1800 mAh battery and advanced airflow technology put you in charge of your vaping experience for all 5000 puffs!

Still, narrowing down your online shopping trip to the bare essentials can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a quick summary of the iGet Goat line here, available at reputable iGet resellers like VapeAus.

iGet Goat Products

How do you want to buy your next iGet pen? When it comes to the iGet Goat, here are your options:

  • The 3-piece bundle. Choose 3 of your favourite flavours and enjoy!
  • The bulk discount bundle; all of your preferred flavours at discounted prices when you order five or more.
  • The Goat box, complete with ten 5000-puff pens, all of the same flavour.
  • The iGet Goat pen, sold individually.

As you select your products, you can choose from one or more of the iGet Goat flavour line, including:

  • Lush Ice
  • Double Apple Lime
  • Cherry Ice
  • Aloe Grape
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Fruit Gummy
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Blackberry Raspberry Ice
  • Blueberry Raspberry Lemon
  • Energy Rush
  • Passion Fruit Grape Orange Ice
  • Mango Berry Ice

Buy Your iGet Goat Vape Pen Today

Buy individual pens or shop in bulk; either way, you’ll love your iGet Goat disposable. When you shop, make sure you’re buying from a reputable iGet reseller to deliver the freshest, best-quality pens to your doorstep.