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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a daily Apple Bomb keeps your tastebuds awake.

Apple Bomb is a pure apple delight making it an excellent option for those seeking layered and complex e-juices that remain faithful to the classic fruit flavours.

The distinctive sweet-and-sour flavour profile of Gunnpod is the first note—an inevitable explosion of tartness for your senses during the inhale. However, once the sour notes dissipate, the primary sensation left on your taste buds is that of crisp and refreshing Fuji apples.

But this is a multi-layered experience, and we are not done yet. During the exhale, you will perceive a burst of sweetness reminiscent of candied apples or your preferred apple-flavoured confectionery goods.

In conclusion, Apple Bomb delivers exactly what it promises—straightforward apple goodness in every version you might want. Whether you enjoy the taste of your apples tart, sweet, or juicy, this mesmerizing blend will be the delight of vapers with a preference for fruit flavours without becoming overwhelming.


  • 1x Gunnpod Disposable Vape (Simplify vape and toss when finished)


  • 1250 mAh Battery Size
  • Resistance 1.6 Ohms
  • Long-Lasting with Approximately 2000 Puffs
  • 8.0Ml E-Liquid
  • Over Inhale and Short Circuit Protection


  • Draw Activation
  • Fully Charged Device
  • Seven Great Tasting Flavours
  • Designed for Portability and Discreet
  • Disposable


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