The IGET Bar 3500 Puffs is an amazing e-cigarette that gives you a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience!

Pre-charged and pre-filled, it’s all ready to go as soon as you take it out of the package. With its sleek and compact design, it’s easy to take the Bar 3500 Puffs wherever you go. Plus, with its built-in 1500mAn battery, you can enjoy long lasting vaping sessions!

IGET BAR is a pre-filled disposable vape, that requires no maintenance, charging, or refilling.

Each device has a built-in battery with enough power to satisfy your daily needs. The iGet Bar is available in 20 different flavors. We strongly advise you to test all IGET BARs in Australia.

If you are looking to switch from smoking to vaping that you’re used to, then these might be the perfect choice for you!


The IGET Bar has a minimalist design with clean lines and square corners, making it easy to hold and portable. It also has a soft touch coating that feels nice to the touch.

The IGET Bar is heavier than other brands’ disposables, but the large logo makes it easy to recognize.

Overall, the branding on the IGET Bar is subtle and allows you to easily see what brand they are promoting. There are a lot of cool color options to choose from, some of which match the flavor of the ice cream while others are less obvious.

The device has one intake hole on the bottom and two smaller holes for the LED light. The LED lights up each time you vape, and it’s not huge or overly bright, so if you want to cover it while vaping in a dark room, it can be an issue.

IGET Bar disposable pads are comfortable to use and carry, with a simple design and nice looking overall appearance.
Our only complaint is the weight of these devices, which can get heavy if you carry more than two at a time.


IGET BAR comes in 20 delicious flavors. 

Pay special attention to Chocolate, Coffee and Strawberry flavors! The chocolate bar is our most popular flavour and it’s made with 100% dark chocolate for a rich and indulgent treat. Our coffee bar is made from 100% fair trade beans which gives it an energising aroma. And the strawberry bar is bursting with sweet, fresh strawberries for a fruity delight! With all these choices you won’t know which one to try first!


We are always so impressed with the quality of flavor this device provides, thanks to its superior 1 1Ω stainless steel mesh coil heating element as opposed to traditional kanthal wire. Even as a heavy vaper, I can appreciate the satisfaction that comes from just a few draws and not feeling like I have to vape more. It’s nice to be able to distract myself without having an overwhelming nicotine hit – something other disposables and devices don’t always provide!

IGET’s Bar disposable electronic cigarettes offer a gentle and pleasant experience with their unique design crafted of high-quality materials. The warm, smooth, and satisfying mouth-to-lung draw will leave you feeling content. With the 3500 puff life and 1500mAh battery, these e-cigarettes are sure to provide you with a reliable vaping experience for more than just a few days.


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